mercredi 15 octobre 2014

Trous Noirs et Coeurs Brisés

Cette chanson est la seule que je connaisse qui parle à la fois de trous noirs, de matière noire, d'expansion de l'univers, de gravitation, d'espace-temps et de prix Nobel... Le groupe s'appelle Drugstore, l'album Anatomy

Blackholes & Brokenhearts

I think I know what blackholes really are
A place where everybody falls apart
And I think I know dark matter intimately
It's just the stuff that's really hard to see

And as the universe's expanding
All around us, you and me
They say the end is coming
But I have to disagree
For in the end
It will stop then start again

I think I’ve cracked the meaning of this life
Just thank fuck we're all stuck in space and time
And I think there ain't no major masterplan
And life is just a pretty accident

And as the universe expanding..

I think the only problem I have left
Is gravity, oh what the hell is that?!
And I think it's sad when love affairs go wrong
But that's the topic of my other songs

And as the universe's expanding..

I think I know what blackholes really are
I think I deserve a Nobel prize...

2 commentaires :

Anonyme a dit…


Le groupe Muse a fait une chanson qui s'appelle supermassive black hole. Et merci pour votre blog qui toujours très intéressant

Dr Eric Simon a dit…

Oui, même si je préfère un peu "Black Hole Sun" de Soundgarden... ;-)